Make sure your bike's in good working order

Visit us in Blairgowrie, we offer a one-stop shop for bike repairs and servicing.

Gears not changing smoothly? Worn brakes? No job is too big or small. Drop in today.

Standard Service £24.00

  • Check and adjust headset, gears, brakes and bottom bracket
  • Torque check essential bolts (cranks, stem, bars, etc.)
  • Inspect transmission system for wear
  • Check tyre condition and inflate to correct pressures, check spoke tension and wheel alignment
  • Lubricate chain, brake and gear mechanisms
  • Mechanisms on dual suspension and folding bikes checked

Does your bike need some attention? We carry out:

  • Puncture repairs, including new tube
  • Tune up gears
  • Tune up brakes
  • Hydraulic brake servicing
Bicycle Servicing

Call 01250 710852to book a LOW PRICED standard service.

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